Thursday, 22 November 2012

Vintage Chanel Bags

Lately I have been obessed with vintage Chanel bags. They are vintage, they look good and the price is quite attractive too.

There are a few more reputable online sellers for vintage Chanel.

I trust mainly the Japanese ebay sellers, malleries and used to be portero
till I read recently in the purseforum that they maybe selling fakes too. Actually the same sellers on ebay are also selling in both Malleries & portero. It maybe be cheaper to buy from Malleries cos I think ebay charges high fees for sellers, which is of cos passed on to us. A quick way to check is to google for the serial number and you will find a few websites with the same bag & seller will pop up, if different bags, then obviously, they are fake!

The reason why I trust mainly the Japanese ebay sellers especially those that have shops in Japan is because they have to be licensed to sell second hand branded goods and it's against their law to sell fake goods.

But best to read through their ratings and reviews on e-bay. I have complied a list of reputable Japanese ebay sellers and will update again soon.

And of cos, get it authenticated at the purseforum! The ladies there are lovely! So kind of them to spend the time to authenticate complete strangers' bags!

Will do a reveal of my vintage Chanel bags soon!

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